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Lets Talk Enterprise

Let’s Talk Enterprise

Are you involved in delivering lectures, workshops or classes to students? Would you like to integrate more creative thinking, entrepreneurial teaching or business skills into your sessions?

SU Enterprise can help you raise awareness of entrepreneurship within your teaching, as well as help students generate the relevant skills. We can offer advice on sessions, as well as having a list of contacts who can offer their expertise to your students. 

SU Enterprise also offer short (in-lecture) sessions from 5-40 minutes, exploring how entrepreneurship knowledge and participation could shape a student's future, covering elements such as the macro-trends impacting the future of work and how and where people will be working in future. 

The knowledge gained from this session will be hugely beneficial to your students, providing them access to a free interactive workshop to both further their CV and open their options post-graduation and it will be very much tailored to their degree.

If this is something you would be interested in adding to any of your class schedules please contact the team: