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Helpful Contacts

We've collated some priority contacts that may be helpful to get in touch with for fuel/energy savings over this period of time. We'll keep on adding to these to make it as useful as possible for you during this time. 

SU Advice
Independent of the University, SU Advice is our free and confidential service, which offers a wide range of help and support on areas such as: money and funding as well as accommodation, disciplinary issues and more. Just get in touch by emailing: 

Tap the drop down menu below to find out helpful contacts regarding fuel/energy and mental health support.

  • Fuel/Energy Support

    Money Advice Service 
    Free and impartial money advice, set up by government. 

    National Energy Action 
    Provides helpful independent and confidential advice and practical support to fuel poor and vulnerable households to help them save money, access vital benefits/grants/rebates and navigate the range of advice and support available in Belfast. To assist households, free Energy Awareness and Efficiency training sessions have been organised in the Belfast area.
    Tel: 028 9023 9909 
    Facebook: @NEANorthernIreland 

    NI Energy Advice Line
    Offers free comprehensive advice on saving energy in the home and energy efficiency grants.
    Tel: 08001114455 

    The Consumer Council
    Offers energy advice for consumers during these difficult times and also provides an independent energy price comparison tool. You can save by switching supplier, tariff, payment methods, how you receive your bills or a combination of all these.
    Tel: 028 9025 1600 

    Belfast Advice Services
    The Belfast Advice Centres across the city provide advice on a range of issues including benefit entitlement, consumer, debt, employment or housing issues.

    Christians Against Poverty
    Provides a range of free services across Northern Ireland and the UK through local churches. CAP helps people break free from debt in cities, towns and communities across Northern Ireland.
    Contact information: 08003280006 

    NI Direct Government Services 
    Provides a range of tips and information on government energy support schemes.  

    Belfast Warm & Well Scheme
    Provides advice and practical support to vulnerable people to help stay warm and well through the provision of heating measures and financial assistance (subject to assessment) to help alleviate the effects of living in cold and damp homes.
    Tel: 028 9023 9909 
    Facebook: @NEANorthernIreland 

    Home Safety Check Scheme 
    Belfast City Council offers home safety checks for residents with young children and would refer to other schemes and support where applicable in relation to fuel poverty issues e.g., broken heating system in a rented property.
    Tel: 028 9027 0428 

    NI Sustainable Energy Programme
    On behalf of the Utility Regulator in Northern Ireland, Energy Saving Trust is the Programme Administrator of the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP). This is an £8 million fund, collected from both domestic and commercial electricity customers through a public service obligation (PSO). Households across Northern Ireland can benefit from the NISEP with funding being used for such energy efficiency schemes:   

    The majority of the funding (80%) has been targeted at vulnerable customers. All schemes run on a financial year basis and there are currently 12 scheme managers delivering these schemes. 

    NISEP schemes for 2022-23 are now open. Please follow the instructions below on how you can apply. 

    1. Download the full list of NISEP List of Schemes 
    2.  Identify the scheme you are interested in and contact the Scheme Manager or follow the Application Details  

    Find out more 

    If you want to discuss with an energy advisor,  you can contact the Northern Ireland Energy Advice service online, or call freephone 0800 111 4455.

  • Mental Health Support

    Queen's University

    QUB Student Wellbeing Team 
    Online Contact Form
    Daily Drop-in service
    11:00am - 3:00pm, Monday to Friday
    Visit in-person on 1st Floor, One Elmwood or ring 07387546123
    The QUB Student Wellbeing Team offer a range of support services such as a remote drop in service, counselling, consultations and coaching, education and awareness-raising, safe and healthy relationships advice and self help material. The advice they can provide can cover the likes of: academic, disability, emergency/incident, financial, mental health, substance usage/addiction or sexual misconduct, bullying, harasssment or hate crime. 

    Inspire Students 
    Free 24 hour helpline - 0808 800 0016 
    Inspire Student Wellbeing is your independent, confidential student counselling service, available to all students at Queen’s.


    External Organisations 

    Free 24 hour helpline - 0808 808 8000

    The Samaritans
    Free 24 hour helpline - 028 9066 4422 (Belfast) or 116 123 (national) 

    QUB Chaplains
    Students are welcome to make contact with their religious representatives at any time. 

    Online CBT Resources
    Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) aims to help you deal with overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller parts and looking for practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis. These online resources cover a wide range of topics including: Anxiety; Depression; Health Anxiety; Panic; Sleep; Worry and Rumination.